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Pothole Repair

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Recommended Pavement Maintenance Schedule:

Pothole Repair – Every 12 months to fill any cracks that have opened up and to prevent new potholes from forming.

Not all pothole repairs are created equal. There are long-term repairs as well as short-term solutions, depending on your requirements and budget. Appell provides a complete range of pothole repair services utilizing innovative and advanced technology to ensure that your parking lot is both safe and beautiful.

Saw Cut

Saw Cut

Appell first saw-cuts around the perimeter and removes any loose asphalt debris from the pothole. Then, unlike some pavement maintenance companies, we use hot asphalt patching, not cold patch. Hot asphalt is a durable product made from rock, sand, tar and bitumen. We then use our vibratory tamper plate or asphalt rollers for proper compaction. Finally, we crack-fill the edges with hot tar to prevent water penetration and further damage.

Infrared Patching

Infrared Patching

Did you know that some asphalt is 100 percent recyclable? The infrared process is an amazing, permanent solution that utilizes advanced technology. The technique combines new asphalt with some of the existing asphalt. By using infrared heaters to recycle existing asphalt, this process is more cost-effective for our customers.

How we do it better.
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1. Cost-Effective

Choose from Appell’s multiple pavement repair options to simply ‘fill and go’ with a fast and affordable solution.

3. Keeping it Clean

Pavement repair can be a dirty job. Appell ensures your parking lot is clean and safe upon project completion.

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2. Advanced Imaging

Appell provides innovative aerial images of the parking lot with designated repair sites to ensure comprehensive service.

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We are owners/managers of several commercial buildings in Suffolk County. Appell is our first choice contractor for all of our sealcoat needs and asphalt repairs. Detailed estimates are provided outlining every aspect of work. All work is performed in a proficient and timely manner. Appell is understanding to our Tenants needs and makes every effort not to disrupt the daily operations of their businesses. We are extremely satisfied with their work and professionalism.
– O’Shea Properties, Ronkonkoma, New York
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